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Tom Petty by BluesMcCrow Tom Petty :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 4 0 Zodiac Color Disk by BluesMcCrow Zodiac Color Disk :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 3 0 Zodiac Animals and Colors and Symbols by BluesMcCrow Zodiac Animals and Colors and Symbols :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 0 0 Summer by BluesMcCrow Summer :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 1 1 Nocturnal by BluesMcCrow Nocturnal :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 1 0 Binkster by BluesMcCrow Binkster :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 1 0 Pizzo Bianco by BluesMcCrow Pizzo Bianco :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 5 0 Magic with Trump Wig by BluesMcCrow Magic with Trump Wig :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 4 0 What Noisy Cats Are We by BluesMcCrow What Noisy Cats Are We :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 5 1 King Binkers by BluesMcCrow King Binkers :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 3 1 Self Portrait - Summer 2017 by BluesMcCrow Self Portrait - Summer 2017 :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 2 0 Wild Binkers by BluesMcCrow Wild Binkers :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 3 1 Abe Lennon by BluesMcCrow Abe Lennon :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 2 1 Ahab Lincoln by BluesMcCrow Ahab Lincoln :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 2 0 Teach True High Thorough Cannabis Knowledge by BluesMcCrow Teach True High Thorough Cannabis Knowledge :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 4 0
Cloud Marble Exhibition
The clouds yesterday were amazing—in the pine woods behind the library. like an enormous sculpture display. cloud marble. the sun bursting through in rays... the first one grabbed my eye was a this joyous young mother in profile silhouette, hair twisting off in a long tail, her baby being delivered to her from this enormous buddha baby rhino dragon god, the child emerging from the steaming billows of its big belly... then, to the left, behind them, charging out of a massive stormcloud, a massive angry ape, rushing toward the mother, first scowling, then morphing to a cartoonish gibbering leer, a king kong gorilla of pure rage—then, further left, a cloud of people turn away in horror, hands raised like michelangelo saints—then morph into swaying vomitous drunkards... the ape turns into a 1940's cartoon grumpy popeye type face of a king, squinting, frowning, stubbled square jaw thrust out, his angular silver crown clamped down tight—and above the crown, the pope's
:iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 0 0


Everybody Wants to Be Bukowski
My friend J was just fired
from her job teaching philosophy
at a small Catholic university
for not wearing her mortarboard,
for defending the rights of prostitutes,
for drinking Cuervo in the beds of pickup
trucks in the shadow of the Alamo,
for kicking out the jams, for taking
young guitar players and old professors
as lovers.
I tried to tell her months ago, once
you join the tweed brigade and hang
letters from your ass, that's it --
no more scromping in the dirt,
no more rockabilly stomp,
no more flights to Amsterdam,
Huntsville, Toronto, New York,
no more busking in the subway,
no more lean taut dreameyed
poet boys, no more manufactured
Everybody wants to be
Bukowski, but nobody wants
to pay for the poetry. We all
want to be drunken heroes,
call ourselves angels and saints
and scoundrels, but we want it
delivered to our doors, no muss,
no fuss, no pain, no blood,
no damage.
It doesn't work like that.
It never has.
You can't be Byron without
Augusta and the clubfoot;
can't be
:iconjeremiaharkham:jeremiaharkham 14 10
It's Stranger Things, Charlie Brown by thefriendlycitizen It's Stranger Things, Charlie Brown :iconthefriendlycitizen:thefriendlycitizen 8 2 Girl Desecrating the Orange Field by Myriena Girl Desecrating the Orange Field :iconmyriena:Myriena 62 11 Panel 1 of Diaspora by js4853 Panel 1 of Diaspora :iconjs4853:js4853 26 0 Mickey by Disse86 Mickey :icondisse86:Disse86 431 55 Tea Party by LaurasMuse Tea Party :iconlaurasmuse:LaurasMuse 15 7
I'm looking for Bukowski
in used bookstores
half because I can't stand
the thought of old men
collecting books of poetry
and half because I can't read
anything else
but forty year old inscriptions
in yellowed tomes.
And men cough behind the counters,
by 100,000 books, hoping
filthy fingers stay out of Melville
and maybe Stevenson,
greedy to read them again
before bed, the covers messy,
full of bookmarks
and bourbon stains,
they, coughing into mildew
pillowcases and their hands.
And my hands looking for
Bukowski, but finding nothing
instead only Melville
or maybe Stevenson
and the book sellers'
hungry eyes watching me
across the room,
wishing I could find
Bukowski, instead.
:iconejectionletter:ejectionletter 18 16
Duncan by LaurasMuse Duncan :iconlaurasmuse:LaurasMuse 8 4 Visiting West Pomerania photo 10 by wiwaldi24 Visiting West Pomerania photo 10 :iconwiwaldi24:wiwaldi24 66 24 Our Lady of the Sperms by JOHNNYFB Our Lady of the Sperms :iconjohnnyfb:JOHNNYFB 11 4 VWT1 by HoppyJoe VWT1 :iconhoppyjoe:HoppyJoe 1 0 Night by Sal8ador Night :iconsal8ador:Sal8ador 4 0 Gdansk from the bird's eye view by wiwaldi24 Gdansk from the bird's eye view :iconwiwaldi24:wiwaldi24 63 30 nocturne by loish nocturne :iconloish:loish 13,042 322 High Alien final by riddlermedia High Alien final :iconriddlermedia:riddlermedia 3 0 Battle Fatigue 7 by PeteHamilton Battle Fatigue 7 :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 117 12

Zodiac Sphinx

♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓ ♈ ♉ ♊ ♋
☉ ☿ ♀ ⊕ ☽ ♂ ⚳ ⚴ ⚵ ⚶ ♃ ♄ ♆⚷ ♅♇ ж
δ π χ ζ β κ θ ψ γ τ φ ξ

my birthday was in Aries moon—first time since 2009—8 years ago...
Josh shows up (Aries Sun), wearing a Blue shirt with a Panda Bear:
Blues is Capricorn's color: conceived in Aries; Bear is Aries's spirit creature...
so we listen to some Geeks with Charvels and old Alice in Chains stuff on Youtube,
then have a crazy dual drumming jam in my room, then walked out into the night
(Josh intending to go drunkenly sing karaoke at the Buffalo bar—I aint going back there, after I flipped off the stupid whorish bartender... first we went to Del Taco (well, first we walked into Carl's Junior, but it smelled like feces in there—we both noticed it, walked out cackling over it)—I ordered six chicken tacos with guacamole, & Josh insulted the Mexican cashier... by the time the food was ready Josh was already chatting it up with some weird old bald dude who looked exactly like Mike Ermantraut (from Breaking Bad) but slightly effeminate-acting... we sat down & ate at his booth, yacking really loud right there up by the counter... he was a real nosy old guy—asked everything form my height to why I wore such thick glasses, to why I used opiates (dental work)—he kept saying Josh was hyper-active, & recommending he go to some Christian joint... I'm almost sure I got him on my digital recorder, rambling and nosily interviewing us... He seemed sort of queerish (though he says he was 80 years old), & more interested in Josh than me... we left, & went to the Buffalo, where I noticed the huge, rising, just full Orange Aries Moon... must've been a wildfire in the east... Josh went in, to see if karaoke had already started without him, while I waited outside... some paranoid-looking dude in a fat red shirt yacking on his cellphone kept eyeing me nervously... Josh came out & said it wouldn't start for an hour or something... he only had a few crumpled dollars... we went over to One Stop (formerly Woody's), & he bought some cheap energy drink/malt beverage type deal—we ran into two dames from his family there—Uptight, a little bit snooty—they almost acted like they didn't know him... he was real pissed, called them devilish cunts afterward... the shop had all sorts of cheap little glass pipes and bongs for sale... I thought about getting one, for $6.99—a little Orange metal ping type deal... Josh chugged his spiked Monster drink thing whilst we wandered around the ghetto—the old carwash, a big empty warehouse building... then in the shadowy grassy gulch I found a Periwinkle plush toy Bear, clean except for some mud on his rump... I excitedly showed Josh, explaining the astrological significance, & he got even more excited... we walked over to Denny's, carrying the bear, & ran into some weird kids—one of whom I'm almost certain I've run into before. they said his name was Shiloh, & I met a weird blond haired kid on a bike in the alley behind the storage lockers by Maverick some years ago—Josh was saying this blond kid was a homosexual, & I had almost got the impression he was flirting with me somewhat years ago, when I was back there in the alley drinking my Jack Daniel's sour mash whiskey and lemonade... the way he sat astride his bicycle, craning behind him to talk with me, those blond bangs dangling in his eyes, a nice tight ass perched right in my face... I could barely look at him... I recall the younger Shiloh saying he was a Capricorn, & this slightly more manly version did remind me of young Stipe, circa Life's Rich Pageant... even more boyish, even cuter though... I wonder what I look like around such persons... possibly like a man in some sort of agony?... I wonder, would I be able to resist a sinful situation with such a being?... He and this Asiatic-looking woman with a cellphone whom Josh kept calling a Castillian & a zipperhead, and this shirtless, sandaled, very fit tattooed dude (whom I should've guessed was a Cancer, cause he did remind me of Waylan, that weird silent quiet type who used to hang around at C.J.'s with Uncle Mike & the boys... bummin' hits, playin' the bongos, listenin' to the Dead... he had all the live bootlegs)... Anyway, we bullshitted around with these three for awhile—we showed them the bear, & I set it atop a gigantic carved wooden Bear in the Denny's parkinglot, seated up on mama bear's enormous snout... Josh had a cheap black plastic harmonica he said he'd found that day, & he joked about Blues Traveler—I mentioned that John Popper is Aries, though I don't think anyone understood or cared... Josh also had a touch-screen phone that was code-locked... that Shiloh boy figured it out, got it unlocked somehow, & had it on the internet in five minutes... then we all crossed the street, to Burger King, and met this weird bearded dude with a Wiener Dog—I met him once before, at Del Taco—looks a bit like Doug Martsch on the skids—I guess he's homeless—Has a big bag, with food for the dachshund, a big Bible, a triangular flat rock which says "I command thee to turn this rock over!" and on the other side it says "You just obeyed a rock!—What a nutter..." (or some such inane bit of non-wisdom)... I guessed the guy was Gemini cause he has such a weirdly Dylanesque penchant for rattling off strange lyrics & rapping off insane rhymes, a capella, impromptu—in a nasal twang with Pawn in Their Game melodies straight out of the leather cup at Maggie's farm—But he was a Sagittarius... opposite, anyways... Dylan's son, the Wallflower, is Sagittarius... we sat there on the benches behind Burger King, watching the wiener dog eat his food from a little silver dish, & run around barking at bugs, & sleeping on his little purple blanket...everyone kept walking off & leaving their bags, & then coming back & watching someone else's bags while they walked off... It was a weird night... Josh went all the way over to Main Street, to his sister's house, & got his guitar, which only had three strings, whilst I walked over to Safeway for another Mountain Dew, and some cat treats... Coming back outside, I ran into Shiloh the cutie-pie & the oldish bearded guy (got to learn his name if I run into him again)... They were just getting there, as I was just leaving... Josh came out of the shadows in the alley behind Beverage House, & we walked back to Burger King together. They were closed now, even the drive-through, & the employees were cleaning up & tossing us edgy glances, but they didn't give us any static as they left... But yeah, we jammed there on the worn-painted green metal benches, me tapping rhythms on the clanging steel with my knuckles, & the weird rock, & Josh laying down his usual creepy riffs on the three-stringed acoustic... We sang weird harmonies, me tossing in everything from Built to Spill to Bob Dylan, & we did our usual half-assed Nirvana covers... "Something in the Way", "All Apologies", some semblance of "Heart Shaped Box" perhaps... a rather fucked-up half-hour acoustical jam... crickets, traffic sounds, some droning ventilator machine from the Days Inn behind Burger King... then I walked back home, received some bare modicum of birthday gifts, & got busy dubbin' & writin'...
Bear in Blue: Capricorn;
Bear in Periwinkle: Cancer;
Big wooden Bear;
Orange Aries Moon;
wiener Dog;
Blue Traveler;
Shiloh was a famous Dog.

Richard Henry "Peter" Sellers: Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn, &
David Keith Lynch: Capricorn/Virgo/Libra:
Mutable & Cardinal Earth paired with the 2 so-called "Aphrodite" signs;
Earth Suns & Moons; Cardinal Jupiters;
born 21 years apart: 1925, & 1946.

Motley's Crue
Tom Forman: Taurus/Libra/Sagittarius, &
Mick Mars: Taurus/Aries/Aries:
Fixed Earth Suns, Opposite Cardinal Moons, Fire Jupiters:
born 15 years apart: 1936, & 1951.

ra Dou
dweeblegangers: actors
Frank Doubleday: Aquarius/Leo/Virgo, &
Bradford Dourif: Pisces/Pisces/Aquarius:
Fixed Air Sun, & Jupiter; 2 pairs of Opposites: ♍ & ♓; ♒ & ♌:
cusping Suns, reverse-color Moons;
born 5 years apart: 1945, & 1950.

Lurch Ca
gigantic actors
Theodore Crawford "Ted" Cassidy: Leo/Cancer/Leo, &
Carel Struycken: Leo/Taurus/Sagittarius:
Fixed Fire Suns with Reverse-Color 'Arms of Gemini' Moons & Fire Jupiters;
born 16 years apart: 31 July 1932, & 30 July 1940;
Cassidy died at age 46 in 1979; Struyken was 31;
Charles Addams: Capricorn/Leo/Sagittarius;
David Lynch: Capricorn/Virgo/Libra;
Ted Cassidy: Leo/Cancer/Leo;
Carel Struycken: Leo/Taurus/Sagittarius;
Cassidy & Struycken both played Lurch in
adaptations of Addams's comic, The Addams Family;
Struycken played a godlike giant in Lynch's Twin Peaks.
Lynch and Charles Addams are both Caprciorns.
both actors who played Lurch are Leos.
The Twilight Zone... Rod Serling was also Capricorn; &
Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Ripley, Michael Stipe, Howard Stern; David Bowie,
Captain Beefheart, Andy Kaufman, Albert Hofmann, Syd Barrett, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Janis Joplin, Jared Leto, Danny McBride, Brion Gysin, Jamie Clayton, Jim Carrey, Stephen Hawking, Tracey Ullman, Nicolas Cage, Federico Fellini, Mel Gibson, Eddie Vedder, Jimmy Page, Stan Lee, Phil Spector, Bernard Sumner, Henry Miller, Sam Kieth, Elvis Presley, Odetta Holmes, Carlos Castaneda, Adam Jones, Joseph Smith, Benjamin Franklin, Rudyard Kipling, Bo Diddley, Lemmy Kilmister, Wayne Coyne, Annie Lennox:
they are certainly the weirdest sign—the most obsessed with strange things...

Twin Parks/South Peak
David Lynch: Capricorn/Virgo/Libra,
Mark Frost: Sagittarius/Leo/Gemini;
Jimmy Scott: Cancer/Gemini/Capricorn:
Angelo Badalamenti: Aries/Leo/Capricorn,
Julee Cruise: Sagittarius/Scorpio/Virgo; &
Trey Parker: Libra/Aquarius/Libra,
Matt Stone: Gemini/Cancer/Sagittarius;
Les Claypool: Libra/Aquarius/Aries;
Herb Alexander: Aries/Leo/Taurus;
Larry LaLonde: Virgo/Taurus/Virgo;
Lynch was born right before the Aquarius cusp;
all 3 Earth & all 3 Air & all 3 Fire;
Mark Frost & Matt Stone: same opposite Mutable signs viceversa Sun/Jupiter;
Aries Suns: Angelo Badalamenti & Herb Alexander.

Twin Twilight:
Rodman Edward Serling: Capricorn/Sagittarius/Capricorn, &
David Keith Lynch: Capricorn/Virgo/Libra:
Capricorn Suns with Mutable Moons & Cardinal Jupiters;
both professional names are 3 syllables: Rod Ser-ling, & Da-vid Lynch;
born 22 years apart: 1924, & 1946;
Serling died at age 50, in his opposite sign, Cancer, 1975 (Lynch was 29).

English progressive rock singers
Jon Anderson: Scorpio/Aquarius/Virgo, &
Phil Collins: Aquarius/Scorpio/Pisces;
sames 2 Fixed signs viceversa Sun/Moon, with opposite Mutable Jupiters;
born 7 years apart: 1944, & 1951.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: Libra/Gemini/Taurus, &
Frédéric "Hippolyte" Girardot: Libra/Leo/Leo:
Cardinal Air Suns, 'Arms of Cancer' Moons, Fixed Jupiters;
born 3 years apart: 1952, & 1955.

American writers
Henry Charles Bukowski: Leo/Virgo/Leo, &
Philip Kindred Dick: Sagittarius/Aquarius/Taurus:
Fire Suns, reverse-color Moons (Black, & White), Fixed Jupiters;
opposite Fixed signs viceversa with paired Mutables; Earth signs: ♍ & ♉;
all Mutable or Fixed;
born 8 years apart: 1920, & 1928;
died 12 years apart: ages 53, & 73:
Dick's entire life contained within Bukowski's;
both died in Pisces Sun:
Virgo's opposite, & Sagittarius's reverse-color (Red, & Cyan);
2 March 1982: Pisces/Gemini/Scorpio, &
9 March 1994: Pisces/Aquarius/Scorpio;
both died in Scorpio Jupiter, & in Air Moons; all Mutable or Fixed.

Wild at Heart
the 2 biggest cinematic weirdos ever:
David Keith Lynch: Capricorn/Virgo/Libra, &
Crispin Hellion Glover: Taurus/Leo/Taurus:
Earth Suns, cusping Moons;
all 3 Earth signs with the Electric 'Arms of Virgo': Muatble Earth;
born 18 years apart: 20 January 1946, & 20 April 1964:
both were born on the cusps with the Fixed/Cardinal 'Arms of Pisces':
Lynch right on the Aquarius cusp, &
Glover right on the Aries cusp;
Pisces is Mutable Water, Virgo's opposite.

Michael Buffer: Scorpio/Gemini/Virgo, &
Vince McMahon: Virgo/Pisces/Virgo:
born less than 1 year apart: November 1944, & August 1945:
Water viceversa with Mutable signs; 'Arms of Libra' Suns; Mutable Moons;
Mutable Earth Sun, & both Jupiters;
McMahon's Sun is right after the Leo cusp: Leos are conceived in Scorpio;
his Jupiter is right before the Libra cusp: Libra is Scorpios reverse-color cusper.

Al Molinaro: Cancer/Taurus/Cancer, &
Michael Vale: Cancer/Leo/Libra:
Cardinal Water Suns with Fixed Moons & Cardinal Jupiters;
born 3 years apart: 1919, & 1922;
died 10 years apart: 2005, & 2015: ages 83, & 96:
Vale's donut-whole life contailed within Molinaro's.

Daniel Johnston, &
Ralphie May:
both Aquarius/Aries/Capricorn:
born 11 years apart: 1961, & 1972: 11 is Capricorn's number;
born on the extreme edges of Aquarius:
Johnston 2 days after the Capricorn cusp;
May 2 days before the Pisces cusp.

Twin Peters/D.D. & B.B./Wise One
David Lynch: Capricorn/Virgo/Libra,
Mark Frost: Sagittarius/Leo/Gemini, &
Peter Deming: Sagittarius/Virgo/Libra; +
Ray Wise: Leo/Libra/Scorpio, &
Don S. Davis: Leo/Taurus/Cancer;
Michael Stipe: Capricorn/Pisces/Sagittarius,
Mike Mills: Sagittarius/Pisces/Scorpio, &
Peter Buck: Sagittarius/Aquarius/Virgo, +
Bill Berry: Leo/Aquarius/Libra, &
KRS-One: Leo/Gemini/Gemini;
Peaks's Capricorn is older than the 2 Sagittariuses;
R.E.M.'s Caprciorn is younger than the 2 Sagittariuses;
Peaks's Peter is youngest of the 3;
R.E.M. 's Peter is the oldest of the 3;
both have Mutable Fire & Earth, & an Air sign.

CCC/ri ri ri/he he/on on/is is/er er
Conan Christopher O'Brien: Aries/Aquarius/Aries, &
Crispin Hellion Glover: Taurus/Leo/Taurus:
cusping Suns with Jupitrer in the same signs;
opposite Fixxed Moons; Fire viceversa;
both born near the Aries/Taurus cusp, 1 year & 2 days apart:
18 April 1963, & 20 April 1964:
each has the other's Sun sign's number in their birthdate:
3 is Taurus's number, & 2 is Aries's number.

Spanish draughtsmen/painters/sculptors:
Pablo Picasso: Scorpio/Sagittarius/Taurus, &
Salvador Dali: Taurus/Aries/Aries:
opposite Suns, Fire Moons, cusping Jupiters; Fixed Earth;
dual 5-off viceversa: ♏/♈, & ♐/♉;
Picasso had 5 bodies in Taurus: Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune & Pluto;
Dali had 4 bodies in Taurus: Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars.
both had ridiculously long full names:
"Pablo Diego Jose Francisco Remedios Cipriano Ruiz y Picasso", &
"Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech de Pubol".
born 23 years apart: 25 October 1881, & 11 May 1904:
died 16 years apart: 1973, & 1989; ages 91, & 84;
Picasso died 8 April, in Aries/Gemini/Aquarius: 3 Electric signs in a row: ♒-♈-♊;
Dali died 23 January, in Aquarius/Leo/Taurus: triple Fixed (Mars also in Taurus);
while Dali was born & died in Catalonia, in the northern part of Iberia,
Picasso was born south, in Andalucia, & died north, in France.

James Wilson Vincent "Jimmy" Savile: Scorpio/Virgo/Aquarius, &
Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić: Scorpio/Cancer/Cancer:
Fixed Water Suns with Black Moon & White Jupiter, & Grey Moon & Jupiter:
Black plus White makes Grey;
born 4 years apart: 31 October 1926, & 10 November 1930;
died 6 years apart: 29 October 2011, & 15 July 2017:
Savile died with the Sun in his Sun sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius/Taurus, &
Radoičić died with the Sun in his Moon sign: Cancer/Aries/Libra.

David Scott "Dave" Mustaine: Virgo/Scorpio/Capricorn, &
Christopher "Carrot Top" Kennet: Pisces/Capricorn/Taurus:
opposite Mutable Suns, Arms of Sagittarius Moons: a symmetrical shape: - ;
Earth Jupiters; Fixed opposites: ♏ & ♉; both have 2 Earth & 1 Water in lead;
born 4 years apart: 1961, & 1965;
both have long, curly, ridiculously orange hair.

Lawrence Bender: Libra/Leo/Libra, &
Jeremy Miller: Libra/Libra/Taurus:
Cardinal Air doubled, paired with Fixed signs:
born 19 years apart: 1957, & 1976;
both born in the 3rd decan of Libra: 17 October, & 21 October.

Philip K. Dick: Sagittarius/Aquarius/Taurus, &
Ed Neumeier: Virgo/Leo/Libra,
Mutable Suns, opposite Fixed Moons; Arms of Scorpio:
Fire/Air/Taurus, &
both had writings filmed by Paul Verhoeven: ♎ & ♐;
Robocop (1987—based on Neumeier's screenplay), &
Total Recall (1990—based on Dick's short story,
We Can Remember it for You Wholesale.

Ed Neumeier: Virgo/Leo/Libra, &
Aaron Paul: Virgo/Libra/Leo:
Mutable Earth Suns with the Arms of Virgo viceversa Moons/Jupiters;
born 22 years apart: 1957, & 1972.

Philip K. Dick: Sagittarius/Aquarius/Taurus, &
J.K. Rowling: Leo/Virgo/Gemini:
both Fire Suns with Air & Earth viceversa Sun & Jupiter:
reverse-color Moons: White, & Black; cusping Jupiters;
Mutable Fire with a Fixed pair, & Fixed Fire with a Mutable pair.

Eye In The Sky
Philip K. Dick: Sagittarius/Aquarius/Taurus, &
Alan Parsons: Sagittarius/Leo/Capricorn:
Mutable Fire Suns; opposite Fixed Moons; Earth Jupiters;
3 in a row: ♐-♑-♒: 3 out of the 4 Fixed signs;
born 20 years apart: 1928, & 1948;
Dick published the novel Eye in the Sky in 1957; in 1982, the same year Dick died,
Parsons released the album Eye in the Sky.

McCartney partners
John Winston "Ono" Lennon: Libra/Aquarius/Taurus, &
Brian Frederick "Denny Laine" Hines: Scorpio/Aries/Virgo:
reverse-color cusping Suns: Magenta & Green;
'Arms of Pisces' Moons; Earth Jupiters;
opposite Cardinals viceversa: ♎ & ♈;
more opposites: ♏ & ♉; more reverse-colors: White Moon, & Black Jupiter;
Lennon: Cardinal Air, Fixed Air, Fixed Earth;
Laine: Fixed Water, Cardinal Fire, Mutable Earth: the Arms & opposite of Libra;
born 4 years apart: 1940, & 1944:
4 is Gemini's number: Paul McCartney's Sun sign:
McCartney has Moon in Leo & Jupiter in Cancer: the Arms of Gemini;
Lennon formed the Beatles with McCartney: 1960-1970, &
Laine formed Wings with McCartney: 1971-1981;
both bands lasted 10 years.

Robert Wa & Robert Va
doppelgangers: actors
Robert Hudson Walker: Libra/Capricorn/Cancer, &
Robert Francis Vaughn: Sagittarius/Virgo/Virgo:
double cusping viceversa; dula Cardinal, & dual Mutable;
'Arms of Scorpio' Suns; Earth Moons; 'Arms of Leo' Jupiters;
born 14 years apart: 1918, & 1932:
died in the 'Arms of Libra', 65 years apart: 1951, & 2016: ages 32, & 83.

Henry John "Denver" Deutschendorf: Capricorn/Pisces/Leo, &
Michael Edward "Mike" Mills: Sagittarius/Pisces/Scorpio:
cusping Suns; Mutable Water Moons; Fixed Jupiters;

Paul Verhoeven: Cancer/Aries/Pisces,
Kurtwood Larson Smith: Cancer/Cancer/Leo, &
Peter Frederick Weller: Cancer/Virgo/Scorpio, &
Nancy Anne Allen: Cancer/Libra/Pisces:
Cardinal Water: the grey/silver/periwinkle theme is
apparent throuighout the film.

Voov/A Ma Gorky
Alexei Maximovich "Maxim Gorky" Peshkov: Aries/Taurus/Pisces, &
Vostanik Manoug "Arshile Gorky" Adoian: Aries/Aries/Aries:
triple Cardinal Fire, & with the Arms;
born 36 years apart: 1868, & 1904;
died 12 years apart: 1936, & 1948; both died with Jupiter in Mutable Fire;
Peshkov died in Gemini/Gemini/Sagittarius; age 68;
Adoian died inCancer/Aquarius/Sagittarius: capricorn's opposite, & Arms; age 44;
Gorky means "bitter" in Russian; Gamma is Aries's Greek letter.

hanging suicides
Aaron Hillel Swartz: Scorpio/Aquarius/Pisces, &
Aaron Josef Hernandez: Scorpio/Aquarius/Cancer:
both Fixed Water Suns & Fixed Air Moons, with Water Jupiters;
born 3 years apart: 8 November 1986, & 6 November 1989;
both committed suicide via hanging, 4 years apart:
Swartz's death: 11 January 2013: Capricorn/Capricorn/Gemini;
Hernandez's death: 19 April 2017: Taurus/Aquarius/Libra:
Earth Suns; cupsing Moons; Air Jupiters; ages 26, & 27:
Earth/Earth/Air, & Earth/Air/Air; both were in legal trouble;
Hernandez had been convicted of murder, & was set for another murder trial;
Swartz was under indictment for fraud;
(Michael Hutchence was Aquarius/Scorpio).

War Dogs:
Cliff Martinez: Aquarius/Pisces/Gemini (music);
Lawrence Sher: Aquarius/Capricorn/Scorpio (cinematography);
Todd Phillips: Sagittarius/Virgo/Scorpio (director);
Jason Smilovic: Pisces/Scorpio/Pisces (writer);
Efraim Diveroli: Sagittarius/Aries/Aquarius;
Jonah Hill Feldstein: Sagittarius/Cancer/Sagittarius; &
David Mordechai Packouz: Aquarius/Sagittarius/Scorpio:
Miles Alexander Teller: Pisces/Scorpio/Pisces:
Phillips is 15 years older than Diveroli, & 12 years older than Hill;
Smilovic and Sher are 12 years older than Packouz;
Diveroli is 2 years younger than Hill;
Teller is 5 years younger than Packouz;
3 Mutable Fire Suns; 3 Fixed Air Suns; 2 Mutable Water suns;
all 3 Water signs involved.

Kurtwood Larson Smith: Cancer/Cancer/Leo, &
Kurt Donald Cobain: Pisces/Cancer/Cancer:
born 24 years apart: 1943, & 1967;
Water Suns; Cardinal Water Moons; cuspng Jupiters;
Cobain died in Aries, 1994: age 27; Smith was 51:
Cobain's whole life was contained within Smith's.

Samuel Phillips Huntington: Aries/Scorpio/Pisces, &
Sam Huntington: Aries/Cancer/Scorpio:
Cardinal Fire Suns with Water Moons & Jupiters:
Fixed Water viceversa paired with the other 2 Water signs;
born 75 years apart: 1927, & 1982: 2 is Aries's number.

Raymond Thornton Chandler: Leo/Aquarius/Scorpio, &
Edward Harrison Norton: Leo/Libra/Libra:
Fixed Fire Suns, with Air Moons; reverse-color cusping Jupiters;
born 81 years apart: 1888, & 1969;
Chandler died 10 years & 4 months before Norton was born:
26 March 1959: Aries/Scorpio/Sagittarius: age 70.

Hiram King "Hank" Williams: Virgo/Sagittarius/Scorpio, &
Charles Hardin "Buddy Holly" Holley: Virgo/Gemini/Sagittarius:
Mutable Earth Suns, with Mutable Fire Moon, & Jupiter;
Scorpio cusps with Sagittarius (the Galactic Center);
Gemini is opposite Sagittarius;
born 13 years apart: 17 September 1923, & 7 September 1936;
died 6 years apart: 1 January 1953, & 3 February 1959; ages 29, & 22;
Wiliams died in Capricorn/Cancer/Taurus;
Holley died in Aquarius/Sagittarius/Scorpio:
cusping Suns, opposite Jupiters:
Williams died with the Sun & Moon in opposites;
Holley died with the Sun & Moon in the 'Arms of Capricorn':
a symmetrical 'T-shaped' pattern;
strangely, Williams's flight was canceled due to an snowstorm; he died of
heart failure (exasperated by alcohol, morphine & choral hydrate), in a car;
Holly died in a plane crash caused by an snowstorm.

Ricktchie Nelslens
Eric Hilliard "Ricky" Nelson: Taurus/Taurus/Aries, &
Richard Steven "Ritchie Valens" Valenzuela: Taurus/Sagittarius/Taurus:
Fixed Earth Suns, paired with another Taurus, & a non-Fixed Fire sign;
born 1 year apart: 8 May 1940, & 13 May 1941;
both died in airplane crashes, 26 years & 10 months apart:
3 February 1959, & 31 December 1985; ages 17, & 35;
Valens's whole life was contained within Nelson's;
Valens died in Aquarius/Sagittarius/Scorpio;
Nelson died in Caprciorn/Virgo/Aquarius:
cusping Suns, Mutable Moons, Fixed Jupiters;
both professional names had 4 syllables; Ric-ky Nel-son, & Rit-chie Va-lens.

the bovine qualities of many male Taurus singers's voices are quite apparent:
Pete Seeger
Willie Nelson
Roy Orbison
Ricky Nelson
Eric Burdon
Jack Bruce
Iggy Pop
Joey Ramone
Kim Gordon
Billy Joel
David Byrne
Ian Astbury
Robert Smith
Bono Vox
Dave Gahan
Morrissey: right on the cusp (May)
Bob Dylan: close to the cusp (24 May) & Moon & 3 biggest planets in Taurus;
Eddie Vedder has Taurus Jupiter:
the lat 2 sound more like goats than bulls, but still: ungulate energy.

Nancy Ann Kerrigan: Libra/Scorpio/Libra, &
Tonya Maxine Harding: Scorpio/Taurus/Scorpio:
born 1 year apart: 1969, & 1970.

Raymond Chandler: Leo/Aquarius/Scorpio, &
Philip K. Dick: Sagittarius/Aquarius/Taurus:
Fire Suns, Aquarius Moons, opposite Fixed Jupiters; all 4 Fixed signs between them;
born 40 years apart: 1888, & 1928;
died 23 years apart: 1959, & 1982: ages 70, & 66;
Fixed, & Mutable Fire Suns,
both died in Cardinal Sun signs, with Cardinal Air Moons:
Aries/Libra/Sagittarius, & Capricorn/Libra/Capricorn.

Genre.lit 2
Raymond Chandler: Leo/Aquarius/Scorpio, &
J.K. Rowling: Leo/Virgo/Gemini:
Fixed Fire Suns, with Airs signs &
Moon/Jupiter in the 'Arms of Libra' (Cardinal Air) viceversa;
born 77 years apart: 1888, & 1965.

Julie Ann Brown: Virgo/Libra/Cancer, &
Julie Dorne Brown: Virgo/Gemini/Scorpio:
Mutable Earth Suns, with Air Suns, & Water Jupiters,
which dual cusp viceversa: ♎-♏, & ♊- ♋.;
born 5 years apart: 1954, & 1959:
5 is Cancer's number; 4 is Gemini's number; 9 is Scorpio's number.

Alfred Elton van Vogt: Taurus/Virgo/Sagittarius, &
Philip Kindred Dick: Sagittarius/Aquarius/Taurus:
Fixed Earth & Mutable Fire viceversa Sun/Jupiter, with
reverse-color Moons: Virgo Black, & Aquarius White;
born 16 years apart: 26 April 1912, & 16 December 1928;
died 18 years apart: 1982, & 26 January 2000: ages 53, & 87:
Dick's whole life was contained within van Vogt's;
Dick died in Pisces/Gemini/Scorpio;
van Vogt died in Aquarius/Libra/Aries: all 3 Air signs involved.

Read a Salvia Divinorum experience article on Erowid titled
Meeting Jim Morrison and God on the Moon:
Morrison was Sagittarius: the Moon is Sagittarius's capitol body;
"I turned and looked at the sky ... and suddenly — IT grabbed me: the Moon.
I stood ... and looked at the moon ... that had halos of gold around it.
As I stood staring into the moon with my long hair blowing all around my face ...
I had a notion that on some level I was communing, or one with
Jim Morrison on some level … I really don’t know what exactly it was, but I felt some connection with him, distinctly remember saying to myself as I stared into the moon, “This is how he must have felt…"

many overlaps in
The Doors & Soundgarden
Ray Manzarek: Aquarius/Sagittarius/Pisces;
Jim Morrison: Sagittarius/Taurus/Leo;
John Densmore: Sagittarius/Cancer/Virgo;
Robby Krieger: Capricorn/Pisces/Libra;
Kim Thayil: Virgo/Pisces/Sagittarius;
Matt Cameron: Sagittarius/Sagittarius/Pisces;
Chris Cornell: Cancer/Sagittarius/Taurus;
Ben Shepherd: Virgo/Leo/Virgo;
Hiro Yamamoto: Aries/Aries/Aquarius;
7 Sagittariuses in lead positions;
both drummers have Sagittarius Sun;
both guitarists have Pisces Moon;
both singers have Sagittarius & Taurus, paired with cuspers: ♌-♋;

John Malkovich: Sagittarius/Capricorn/Gemini, &
John Michael Stipe: Capricorn/Pisces/Sagittarius:
Mutable Fire & cardinal Earth paired with the non-Earth Mutable signs;
Capricorn viceversa paired with reverse-color Mutables: Red, & Cyan;
born 7 years apart: 1953, & 1960; 7 is Virgo's number: the 4th Mutable sign.

Patrick Bateson
Paul Patrick Gordon Bateson: Aries/Aries/Aquarius, &
Christian Charles Philip Bale: Aquarius/Aries/Aquarius:
Bale portrayed American Psycho's "Patrick Bateman"...

Joachim Fritz "John Kay" Krauledat: Aries/Sagittarius/Leo, &
John Raymond "Goldy McJohn" Goadsby: Taurus/Capricorn/Virgo:
triple-cusping triple Fire & triple Earth; all 6 Fire/Earrth signs.

Shirley Hardie Jackson: Sagittarius/Leo/Aries, &
Josie Imogene "Kasey" Rogers: Sagittarius/Sagittarius/Caprciorn:
Mutable Fire Suns; Fire Moons; Cardinal Jupiters;
born 9 years apart: 14 December 1916, & 15 December 1925;
died 41 years apart: 8 August 1965, & 6 July 2006.

A is A is...
Julia Ann "Julie" Harris: Sagittarius/Cancer/Capricorn, &
Shelley Alexis Duvall: Cancer/Sagittarius/Capricorn:

plastic teeth, plastic fingers
injured musicians: cusping cuspers
Chet Baker: Sagittarius-Capricorn/Libra/Gemini, &
Tony Iommi: Aquarius-Pisces/Gemini/Sagittarius:
Baker was born right on the ♐-♑ cusp, &
Iommi was born right on the ♒-♓ cusp;
born 19 years apart: 1929, & 1948;
Baker lost his teeth & had his jaw broken by thugs;
Iommi had 2 fingertips sliced off by a steel hammer-press;
Baker re-learned to play trumpet with false teeth;
Iommi re-learned to play guitar using home-made plastic fingertips.

Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna: Sagittarius/Capricorn/Scorpio, &
Christopher Mark "Chris" Robinson: Sagittarius/Aries/Leo:
Mutable Fire suns, Cardinal Moons; Fixed Jupiters;
born 8 years apart: 1958, & 1966.

Philip Kindred Dick: Sagittarius/Aquarius/Taurus, &
John Winston Lennon: Libra/Aquarius/Taurus:
the "Arms of Fixed Water" Suns, with Fixed Air Moons & Fixed Earth Jupiters;
born 12 years apart: 1928, & 1940;
died 2 years apart: 1980, & 1982: aged 40, & 53;
Lennon's whole life was contained within Dick's;
Dick received a revelatory vision whcih saved his son's life whilst listening to Lennon's song Strawberry Fileds Forever, accompanied by blinding pink light;
Lennon's father, Alfred, was Sagittarius.

Los Roughs
Carlos Gracie: Virgo/Aquarius/Aquarius, &
William Seward Burroughs: Aquarius/Gemini/Aquarius:
Fixed Air doubled, paired with his 2 reverse colors:
White/Black, & Aquamarine/Violet;
born 12 years apart: 1902, & 1914;
died 3 years apart: 1994, & 1997: age 92, & 83.

si, odd
Robert Siodmak: Leo/Capricorn/Sagittarius,
Curt Siodmak: Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius, &
Clifford D. Simak: Leo/Taurus/Aries:
Fixed Fire Suns; Magnetic Moons; Electric Jupiters;
all 4 Fixed Signs & all 3 Fire signs;
born in 2-year increments: 8 August 1900, 10 August 1902, & 3 August 1904;
died in Pisces, Virgo, & Taurus: 2 Mutable, & 2 Earth; 'Arms of Aries';

on & on
Isaiah Washington: Leo/Capricorn/Aries, &
Orlando Jones: Aries/Virgo/Leo:
same Fire signs viceversa Sun & Jupters, with Earth Moons:
Capricorn is Cardinal like Aries, & reverse-colors with Leo: Yellow, & Blue;
Virgo cusps with Leo, & is reverse-colors with Aries: Coral, & Teal:
the two 5-off reverse-color Earth/Fire pairs (Sagittarius & Taurus are the others);
born 5 years apart: 1963, & 1968: 6 is Leo's number.

John Elroy "Redd Fox" Sanford: Sagittarius/Leo/Scorpio, &
Anthony Tiran "Tony" Todd: Sagittarius/Pisces/Cancer:
Mutable Fire Suns;
dual Fire, & dual Mutable, Sun/Moon;
dual Fixed, & dual Water, Moon/Jupiter;
all 3 Water signs between them;
born 32 years apart: 9 December 1922, & 4 December 1954.

Pulp Masters
Ra-ra, Ho-ho
Raymond Thornton Chandler: Leo/Aquarius/Scorpio, &
Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Leo/Libra/Aquarius:
Fixed Fire Suns, with Fixed Air & fellow Air & Fixed signs:
the reverse-color cuspers: Magenta & Green;
born 2 years apart: 23 July 1888, & 20 August 1890;
died 22 years apart: 1937, & 1959: ages 46, & 70:
Lovecraft's entire life contained within Chandler's;
both died in March:
Lovecraft died 15 March: in Pisces/Taurus/Capricorn;
Chandler died 26 March: in Aries/Scorpio/Sagittarius:
cusping Suns, opposite Fixed Moons, & cusping Jupiters;
both names are 6 syllables: 6 is Leo's number; 2 syllables in each part.

Jerome "Jerry Lewis" Levitch, &
Walter Carl Becker:
exact same Sun/Moon/Jupiter triumvirate:
born 34 years apart: 1926, & 1950;
died 14 days apart: 20 August 2017, & 3 September 2017:
Leo/Leo/Libra, & Virgo/Aquarius/Libra:
cusping Suns, Air Moons; cuspers & opposites viceversa;
the name Lewis/Levitch means Lion, & the name Steely Dan was coined by
William S. Burroughs: Aquarius/Gemini/Aquarius.

70's jazz-rock bass
Holger "Czukay" Schüring: Aries/Capricorn/Aquarius, &
Walter Carl Becker: Pisces/Aries/Aquarius:
Cardinal Fire viceversa paired with the 'Arms of Aquarius':
Fixed Air: both of their Jupiter signs:
born 12 years apart: 24 March 1938, & 20 February 1950: 2 is Aries's number: they
died 2 days apart: 3 September 2017, & 5 September 2017: ages 67, & 79:
Becker's entire life just contained within Czukay's;
Becker died with the Moon in Aquarius; Czukay with the Moon in Pisces.

American actors
Humphrey DeForest Bogart: Capricorn/Libra/Scorpio, &
Miguel José Ferrer: Aquarius/Leo/Cancer:
cusping Suns; 'Arms of Virgo' Moons; Air viceversa: ♎ & ♒; Water Jupiters;
reverse-colors viceversa: ♑ & ♌; opposites: ♑ & ♋;
born 56 years apart: 1899, & 1955;
died 60 years apart: 1957, & 2017: ages 57, & 61;
Bogart died when Fererer was 2 years old;
both died in Los Angeles, of throat Cancer.

ardi Sever
Carl Hilding "Doc" Severinsen: Cancer/Libra/Aries, &
Edward Louis "Eddie" Severson: Capricorn/Virgo/Taurus;
opposite Suns, cusping Moons, cusping Jupiters;
triple Cardinal (all on a square or cross) &
triple Earth (all on a triangle);
born 37 years apart: 1927, & 1964;
all 4 Cardinal, & all 3 Earth signs involved.

H z k / H k z
Jaki Czukay
Holger "Czukay" Schüring: Aries/Capricorn/Aquarius, &
Hans "Jaki" Liebezeit: Gemini/Aries/Pisces:
Cardinal Fire viceversa; Cardinal Moons; cusping Jupiters;
both have cusping Moon/Jupiter pairs, with
Czukay's Jupiter 2-off from his Sun, &
Liebezeit's Moon is 2-off from his Sun;
both born in 1938: 24 March, & 26 May: 2 is Aries's number;
both died in 2017: 22 January, & 5 September: ages 78, & 79;
Liebezeit's entire life was contained within Czukay's;
Aquarius/Sagittarius, & Virgo/Pisces; Libra Jupiter;
Czukay on Liebezeit: "He hated bass players—especially me."

Rush Limbaugh: Capricorn/Pisces/Pisces, &
Alex Jones: Aquarius/Libra/Aquarius:
born 23 years apart: 1951, & 1974.

English musicians,
Brian Peter George Eno: Taurus/Leo/Sagittarius, &
Peter Kenneth Frampton: Taurus/Gemini/Pisces:
Fixed Earth Suns, paired with dual Fire, & dual Mutable;
'Arms of Cancer' Moons; reverse-color Mutable Jupiters;
born 2 years apart: 15 May 1948, & 22 April 1950.

Mer Ma ma Ma er
Kyle Merritt MacLachlan: Pisces/Leo/Sagittarius, &
Thomas Cruise Mapother: Cancer/Leo/Aries:
Water Suns, Fixed Fire Moons, Fire Jupiters;
born 3 years apart: 1959, & 1962;

Dean Dunne
Harry Dean Stanton: Cancer/Virgo/Aquarius, &
Thomas Griffin Dunne: Gemini/Capricorn/Cancer:
cusping Suns, Earth Moons; opposites viceversa;
Cardinal Water Sun, & Jupiter;
born 29 years apart: 1926, & 1955;
both names have 5 syllables: 5 is Cancer's number;
Stanton starred in the firts, & Dunn in the second, episodes of the
David Lynch series Hotel Room.

Dustin Lee Hoffman: Leo/Virgo/Capricorn;
David Keith Lynch: Capricorn/Virgo/Libra:
reverse-color Suns, Mutable Earth Moons, Cardinal Jupiters;
Capricorn & Virgo paired with the 'Arms of Virgo';
born 9 years apart: 1937, & 1946.

Genaro Anthony "Tony" Sirico: Leo/Aquarius/Cancer, &
Raymond Herbert "Ray" Wise: Leo/Libra/Scorpio:
Fixed Fire Suns with Air Moons & Water Jupiters: Fixed & cardinal viceversa;
born 5 years apart: 29 July 1942, & 20 August 1947;
GATS means "cats" in Catalan.

Keith Noel Emerson: Scorpio/Gemini/Virgo,
Gregory Stuart Lake: Scorpio/Libra/Sagittarius, &
Carl Frederick Kendall Palmer: Pisces/Aries/Aquarius:
born in 3 year increments: 1944, 1947, & 1950.

Keith Noel Emerson: Scorpio/Gemini/Virgo,
Gregory Stuart Lake: Scorpio/Libra/Sagittarius, &
Glenn Lewis Frey: Scorpio/Capricorn/Sagittarius:
Fixed Water with Mutable Air, Cardinal Air, & Cardinal Earth Moons;
born 2 November 1944, 10 Novemver 1947, & 6 November 1948;
all 3 died in 2016: 18 January, 11 March, & 7 December:
Frey's entire life contained within Emerson's.

Donald Fagen: Capricorn/Capricorn/Sagittarius, &
Ozzy Osbourne: Sagittarius/Capricorn/Capricorn:
born 11 months apart: 10 January, & 3 December 1948.

J.M. DeMatteis: Sagittairius/Aries/Gemini, &
Jon J Muth: Leo/Libra/Sagittarius:
Mutable Fire paired with the other 2 Fire signs, & an Air sign each;
Fire Suns; opposite Moons & Jupiters;
The Moon is Sagittarius's capitol planet;

Jon J Muth: Leo/Libra/Sagittarius, &
Christian Bale: Aquarius/Aries/Aquarius:
double opposites; 'Arms of Virgo', & 'Arms of Pisces'; Fire & Air viceversa;
'Arms of Capricorn' Jupiters: Fire/Air/Fire, & Air/Fire/Air;
born 14 years apart: 1960, & 1974.

ynch worms
Thomas Ruggles Pynchon: Taurus/Aries/Capricorn, &
David Keith Lynch: Capricorn/Virgo/Libra:
Cardinal Earth paired with the other two Earth signs, & the Electric Cardinal signs:
Capricorns are conceived in Aries, & Libras are conceived in Capricorn;
born 9 years apart: 1937, & 1946.

Gilbert Gottfried: Pisces/Taurus/Cancer, &
Greg Gutfeld: Virgo/Sagittarius/Taurus:
opposite Suns; Earth signs viceversa;
reverse-colors viceversa: Pisces Cyan, & Sagittarius Red;
reverse-color 'Arms of Gemini' Jupiters: Cancer Periwinkle, & Taurus Olive;
Taurus paired with two Water, & two Mutable;
Water/Earth/Water, & Earth/Fire/Earth;
Arms of Fire signs viceversa Sun/Jupiter; Arms of Aries, & Arms of Leo;
born 9 years apart: 1955, & 1964;
both have the same initials: double hard G.

Meme it
Kyle Merritt MacLachlan: Pisces/Leo/Sagittarius, &
Robert James Smith: Taurus/Libra/Sagittarius:
both have 5-off Suns/Moons; all 4 elements between them;
'Arms of Aries' Suns; 'Arms of Virgo' Moons;
both born in the same Mutable Fire Jupiter: 1959;
both have enormous butt-chins, and blackish hair.

show-biz duos
Paul Frederic Simon: Libra/Cancer/Gemini, &
Arthur Ira Garfunkel: Scorpio/Taurus/Gemini,
Raymond Joseph Teller: Aquarius/Aries/Sagittarius, &
Penn Fraser Jillette: Pisces/Leo/Cancer:
both are cusping Air/Water pairs;
Simon & Garfunkel were both born, less than a month apart:
13 October & 5 November 1941;
Teller was born 7 years later: 14 February 1948;
Penn was born 7 years later: 5 March 1955;
note the Jupter link: Geminis, & the opposite & following signs.

Bob "Tony Clifton" Zmuda: Sagittarius/Virgo/Aquarius, &
Gregg "Neil Hamburger" Turkington: Sagittarius/Virgo/Virgo:
Mutable Fire Suns & Mutable Earth Moons; reverse-color Jupiters;
born 18 years apart: 1949, & 1967.

Joe DiMaggio: Sagittarius/Pisces/Aquarius, &
Paul Simon: Libra/Cancer/Gemini:
the 'Arms of Scorpio' Suns with the other two Water sign Moons; Air Jupiters;
all 3 Air signs between them; opposites: ♐ & ♊;
born 37 years apart: 1914, & 1941.

William S. Burroughs: Aquarius/Gemini/Aquarius, &
Harry Dean Stanton: Cancer/Virgo/Aquarius:
Mutable Moons, Fixed Air Jupiters;
both names are 5 syllables; 5 isCancer's number;
Burroughs had only 4 signs, & just two elements: Air & Water:
Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces & Cancer.

Beatle/Cricket rhythm sections:
Richard "Ringo Starr" Starkey, &
Joseph Benson "Joe B." Mauldin:
born one day apart: Cancer/Leo, with the 3 biggest planets in Taurus:
7 & 8 July 1940:
Starr was the drummer for The Beatles, & 
Mauldin was the bassist for The Crickets.

Laal anan
Hope Sandoval: Cancer/Virgo/Cancer, &
Lana Del Rey: Cancer/Leo/Aquarius.
a complete 4-element crux;
both names are 4 syllables;
born 19 years apart, both right on the Gemini cusp:
24 June 1966, & 21 June , & 1985:
5 is Cancer's number, & 6 is Leo's number; 4 is Gemini's number.

Art Garfunkel: Scorpio/Taurus/Gemini, &
Michael Stipe: Capricorn/Pisces/Sagittarius:
2-off Water & Air viceversa; opposite Jupiters;
Arms of Fire signs, Suns & Moons;
'Arms of Sagittarius' Suns; 'Arms of Aries' Moons;
born 19 years apart: 1941, & 1960.

Harry Dean Stanton: Cancer/Virgo/Aquarius:
John Denver: Capricorn/Pisces/Leo:
triple opposites: 'Arms of Leo' & 'Arms of Aquarius' Suns; Water & Earth viceversa;
opposite Fixed Electric Jupiters;
born 17 years apart: 1926, & 1943;
died 20 years apart: 1997, & 2017; aged 53, & 91:
Denver's whole life contained within Stanton's;
both were actors; both played acoustic guitar and sang.

John Aday's day in the Le-le-Lebra life pepper loaf
Marvin Lee "Meat Loaf" Aday: Libra/Pisces/Scorpio,
John Curulewski: Libra/Cancer/Aquarius, &
John Winston Lennon: Libra/Aquarius/Taurus:
Cardinal Air Suns; Water Moons; Fixed Jupiters; all 3 Water signs; 2 Air;
born 3, 7 & 10 years apart: 1940, 1947, & 1950;
Curulewski died of syphilis (see the You Better Ask lyrics) in 1988, at age 37:
his whole life contained within Aday's;
Curulewski penned the epic son A Day, on Styx's second album, Lady;
Lennon penned the epic song A Day in the Life, on
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles's 8th album:
8 is Libra'a number;

le olle/el ello
Charles Hardin "Buddy Holly" Holley: Virgo/Gemini/Sagittarius, &
Declan Patrick "Elvis Costello" MacManus: Virgo/Cancer/Cancer:
born 18 years apart: 7 September 1936, & 25 August 1954:
2 + 5 = 7: 7 is Virgo's number;
both wear the thick black spectacle frames: Black is Virgo's color;
Holly died in 1959: Costello was 5 years old: 5 is cancer's number.

♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓ ♈ ♉ ♊ ♋
☉ ☿ ♀ ⊕ ☽ ♂ ⚳ ⚴ ⚵ ⚶ ♃ ♄ ♆⚷ ♅♇ ж
δ π χ ζ β κ θ ψ γ τ φ ξ



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