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The Devil's Tarot
The Celtic pigs were sick, and nobody was to blame except the goddamn vampire bats.
There was a large square hole leading up into the barn’s crawlspace, with a rickety pull-down ladder apparatus... The fucking bats must be up there, thought the pigs’s owner, Kent Nephis, surveying the scene. Bite marks all over his prized Large White sow, Buttercup. She wasn’t sick yet with the foaming fever like the Celtics, but likely would be soon. They’ll be needing some antibiotics...
The wounds were red, swollen, infectious. He gently used a cotton swab to dab them with honey and baking-soda salve...
Though Kent G. Nephis made his living as an author of horror and fantasy novels, raising pigs was his pride and joy.
His wife, Wendy—a former typist for Global News Network (based in nearby Atlanta), who now mainly gardened—was largely disgusted by the pigs and left the barn work to him.
Voodoo, the black barn cat, had brought a dead bat onto the porch, last we
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Devil's Tarot 2
Nephis had been scheduled to appear on “The Harry Klamm Show”—a formerly sleazy, controversial “shock jock” in New York City, who’d lately cleaned up his image. He had joined the Black Coffin Society (and was in B’eany B’riss), and the Society had fallen on hard times two years ago, after their leader, Dick Poseda, had been exposed and publicly humiliated in the recent “Wienerschnitzelgate” pedophilia scandal... The Brethren needed to stick together, if they were going to weather this storm...
So Nephis couldn’t really say no, though he wasn’t exactly a fan. Klamm’s show was a complete borefest lately, now that he’d fired all his old writers—And had been juvenile at best in its heyday —“Bologna Butt Slap Contest!” and “Pay a Girl to Go Gay!” were some classic “bits”... Starring in a big budget movie as himself was perhaps his biggest news-maker (the fi
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Zodiac Sphinx ii
Truman "Capote" Streckfus Persons: Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius, &
Milton Teagle "Richard" Simmons: Cancer/Libra/Sagittarius:
Mutable Fire Jupiters; Cardinal Air paired with Water signs viceversa:
cusping reverse-colors, & a dual Cardinal pair;
both born in New Orleans, 24 years apart: 30 September 1924, & 12 July 1948:
4 + 8 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3.
Rachel Anne Maddow: Aries/Pisces/Aquarius, &
Sally Rebecca Kohn: Aries/Cancer/Taurus:
Cardinal Fire Suns with Water Moons.
Timothy Leary: Libra/Aquarius/Virgo
Hafez al Assad: Libra/Pisces/Cancer:
born 10 years apart: 1920, & 1930;
Libra Suns, cusping Moons; "amrs of Leo" Jupiters:
reverse colors: Black & White, & dual Water;
Cardinal Air paired with Magnetic Signs;
died 4 years apart, at ages 75, & 69; 4 is Gemini's number;
both died in Gemini:
Leary died 31 May 1996: Gemini/Scorpio/Capricorn;
Assad died 10 June 2000: Gemini/Libra/Taurus:
Mutable Air with reverse-color cusping Moons: Green & magenta,
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The Rosy Pentacle
School is in again, coincident with the arrival of shitty, windy weather, as usual... I'm attending a dreary stone edifice called Pike Junior High... The first two weeks were a total bum trip... This place is even more lout-infested than Franklin Elementary—Scientologists, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and worse—Creeps and weirdos galore... My new home-room teacher, Ms. Moore, is a complete freak, of course. A bloated, waxy-faced little troll, with a wiggish helmet of shellacked hair, little tinted 1960s-style spectacles—a string of pearls around her fat, neckless throat, with matching pearl earrings... And her voice—a nasal, elfin Dixieland drawl—picture Truman Capote in secretary drag. She’s quite disturbing... There’s a rumor—as old as the school apparently—that she worships the devil... This I heard from these two idiots named Svodnik and Pezevenk, who I hear from other sources are rubber-cement huffers of the worst kind. They
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Tom couldn't wait for "Phys-Ed" class to end. He was completely bored by sports... In the fundamentalist cult (or "church") which his parents forced him to attend every Saturday and Sunday (not being able to decide—whether due to piety or ineptitude—which was the "proper sabbath", the church's founder, Thomas Rand Montgomery, for whom he was named, had decided to hold "mass" on both days), sports were one of the few secular activities not strictly frowned upon... Missing attendance of one of these two "holy days" was heavily frowned upon. Missing both meant permanent "excommunication"—as did any evidence of "homosexuality" (phony evidence of which backstabbing church members were frequently concocting, in order to drive enemies out of the church. They rarely used the word "homosexuality", usually preferring the archaic "Sodomite."
Tom threw his grey gym shorts into the tiny metal cubicle, locked it, and exited the cement locker room... He got his bookbag from his big
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Wes was a complete alcoholic. He seemed to know everyone in town. We were doing a lot of Salvia those years. We decided to introduce Wes's Satanist friend, Skyler Magnusson, to the most powerful hallucinogen known to mankind. First, we walked over to the liquor store, Beverage House, and stocked up on beers. There was some weird Austrian malt that Skyler supposedly liked, Wallensteiner or something, which Wes bought specifically for him. I waited outside while he went back in to get some cigarettes (which I paid for, of course). Somehow, I knocked over the bottle of Wallensteiner off the rail I'd set it on, and it shattered into a million pieces inside its paper sack. I quickly tossed it in a trash barrel, and walked a bit away, hoping he wouldn't notice the new wet spot on the parkinglot. He didn't. When we got to Skyler's pathetic tract house, nobody was home. Some greasy neighbor came shambling out of his trailer and told Wes that the Satanists would be back in about an hour or two.
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Bukowski by BluesMcCrow Bukowski :iconbluesmccrow:BluesMcCrow 0 0
Blood of the Vampires
1: The Caucasus - 2033 BC
Hittite King Suppiluliumas and his army's invasion of the Caucasian Isthmus was well under way.
The King arrived on horseback with his legions of cavalrymen, in advance of the infantry. They entered the valley under leaden skies—A bad omen, the King feared.
They surveyed the primeval, rag swaddled denizens.
Suppiluliumas the First looked to his squire, Kurunta.
"What do the pathetic locals call this sty?"
"I'll find out for you, sir, right away!"
"Yes." His icy grey eyes were dilated gigantic pools of black in this eery Caucasian valley's dead, fireless light. We all look as though we'd been doped with strange herbs, Kurunta thought...
Kurunta walked to the edge of the unpaved road, his sword, bow and quiver clanking against the heavy bronze armor. It was no proper stone-paved Hittite road—barely more than a dusty trail, really—even the lazy, inbred pederast Egyptians could've done better. He surveyed the filthy, shiftless squatters, eventual
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Bent Straight
A thin, bearded blond man with an enormous, shiny, balding pink scalp, dressed in some sort of uniform with badges on the khakhi vest, over a white "Graduate" Tee-Shirt, takes the stage, clears his throat, and begins to speak in a trembling, lisping, warbling voice.
"My Name is Nathan Percival Shambliss. I used to be a "homosexual", and wasted years of my life on flagrant, bestial pleasure pursuits—But now, I can faithfully say, I am cured. I am now 100% heterosexual.
Thanks to the great Doctor Tyrone Gisimundo, and his amazing Program, here at the Camp, I have at last conquered the Devils's evil lies, and am free from their awful persecution."
He is interrupted when a pimplyfaced teenage boy in his black "Apprentice" Tee-Shirt, leaps to his feet, screaming.
"Yes!—Praise Jesus and Hell fire!—I believe in the One Male God, Jehovah!—He stands in Heaven, alone, his 1000 foot silver phallus erect for all eternity!"
He is grabbed and hauled away by two hulking black
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mark zuckerberg by PeteHamilton mark zuckerberg :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 22 13 Trumpface by PeteHamilton Trumpface :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 39 16 Rolling Thundercunt by PeteHamilton Rolling Thundercunt :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 41 46 Psychological Study. by PeteHamilton Psychological Study. :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 82 21 Th naughty step by PeteHamilton Th naughty step :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 16 2 Jimmy SaVile by PeteHamilton Jimmy SaVile :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 19 22 Troll Slayer by PeteHamilton Troll Slayer :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 99 27 Dreamstone by PeteHamilton Dreamstone :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 80 17 The Weight of Silence by PeteHamilton The Weight of Silence :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 789 94 Battle Fatigue 7 by PeteHamilton Battle Fatigue 7 :iconpetehamilton:PeteHamilton 114 11 Principle by Devi-Eurynome Principle :icondevi-eurynome:Devi-Eurynome 38 4 Mana by Devi-Eurynome Mana :icondevi-eurynome:Devi-Eurynome 315 31 Clint eastwood . by RobertoBizama Clint eastwood . :iconrobertobizama:RobertoBizama 16 2 BreakingBad by RobertoBizama BreakingBad :iconrobertobizama:RobertoBizama 20 4 redhair girl by petyasimeonova redhair girl :iconpetyasimeonova:petyasimeonova 20 5 walter white/Bryan Cranston by petyasimeonova walter white/Bryan Cranston :iconpetyasimeonova:petyasimeonova 3 0

In the autopsy room, the coroner peeled away Nephis’s clothing. His name was Kenneth Spig, and he enjoyed his work. Being seventy-eight years old, and a bisexual necrophiliac, with a particular fetish for decapitations, Spig was quite excited... The head lay on a steel tray on a separate table. First he removed the red polo shirt, revealing some major-league man-tits. Hardly any chest hair...

Very feminine, Spig thought, and squeezed them... He was starting to breathe heavily, his grey oily combover clumping onto his forehead, heavy with sweat... He pulled Kent’s Adidas running shoes off, and started yanking down the tight Levi’s bluejeans... He laughed when he saw a wadded up sock stuffed into of Kent’s white briefs—the end of the sock was sticking out of the fly.

Must have a small schween, Spig thought, chuckling... Corpses typically have erections (unless they froze to death or some strange occurrence), and after he pulled the sock out, he couldn’t see any bulge at all. He yanked the underwear down, ready to give some gay necro head...

“What the hell?”

Kenneth Spig was shocked to see that Kent G. Nephis had no cock or balls at all. Just an enlarged clit, above some flappy, bush-covered meat curtains... Some strange accident? But Spig had seen this kind of thing before, while perusing the porno websites: “Buck Angel”, for example... Women who’d taken male hormones... Nephis was clearly a born female: a “trans-man”...

Seems he and Kelton had a lot more in common than anyone knew.

by Paul Henson © copyright 2017



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