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And you know you’re never sure, but you’re sure you could be right, if you held yourself up to the light, we’ll crucify the insincere tonight, nothing but memories of what never was, my reflection, dirty mirror, i’m the face in your dreams of glass, bullshit fakers, enchanted kingdoms, the fashion victims chew their charcoal teeth, i never let on, that i was on a sinking ship, i never let on that i was down, you blame yourself, for what you can’t ignore, you blame yourself for wanting more, and in your sad machines, you’ll forever stay, burning up in speed, lost inside the dreams, of teen machines, desperate and displeased, with whoever you are, and you’re a star, a hidden diamond you cannot find, a secret star that cannot shine over to you, may the king of gloom, be forever doomed, the lonely towers of long mistakes, to forgotten faces and faded loves, and what do i get, for my pain, betrayed desires, and a piece of the game, but can you fake it, for just one more show, then someone will say what is lost can never be saved, ten times removed, i forget about where it all began, bastard son of a bastard son of a wild eyeed child of the sun, and right as rain, i’m not the same but, i feel the same, i feel nothing, holding back, the fool pretends, i forget to forget nothing is important, i disconnect the act, i disconnect the dots, and you’re mistaken, it’s you that’s faking, living and breathing and dying too, this message is for anyone who dares to hear a fool, the disenchanted, the romantics, the body, face and soul of you is gone down that deep black hole, i took a virgin mary axe to his sweet baby jane, and coil my tongue around a bumblebee mouth, and you, you make me so i need to disconnect, and you make it so real, and i give it all back to you, to my mistakes, to my mistakes of cowardice, the jimmy jakes of consequence, it’s what you wanted to see, it’s who you wanted to be, see the devil may do as the devil may care, he loves none sweeter as sweeter the dare, so note all ye lovers in love with the sound, your world be shattered with nary a note, forever lost in forsaken missives, and satan’s pull, carve out your heart for keeps in an old oak tree, and i knew the echo that is love, and i knew the secrets in your spires, and i knew the emptiness of youth, and i knew the solitude of heart, and i knew the murmurs of the soul, and the world is drawn into your hands, and i knew the silence of the world, as all the thought police, are closing in for sleep, and in my mind i’m everyone, king of the horseflies, dark prince of death, cast the pearls aside, the crumbled cities stand as known, you can’t help deny forever, the tragedies reside in you,the secret sights hide in you, the lonely nights divide you in two, all my blisters now revealed, in the darkness of my dreams, in the spaces in between us, tomorrow’s just an excuse away, graceful swans of never topple to the earth, mysteries not ready to reveal, i steal a kiss from her sleeping shadow moves, double cross the vacant and the bored, we feel the pull in the land of a thousand guilts, inside the future of a shattered past, i lie just to be real, for knowing better, for knowing this, everybody’s lost just waiting to be found, everyone’s a thought just waiting to fade, so fuck it all cause i don’t care, so what, somehow, somewhere we dared to try, the secrets of your dreams, beneath all your darkest fears, so speak your peace in the murmurs drawn, your strength is my weakness, your weakness my hate, forever lost inside ourselves, and nobody nowhere understands anything about me and all my dreams, and no matter what they do, they can’t get to you, so fake it, cause i’m a watcher, and i’m a doer of none, come to save you, cause you’re all mine, mary had a little lamb, her face was white as snow, and everywhere that mary went i was sure to go, now mary’s got a problem, and mary’s not a stupid girl, mary’s got some deep shit, and mary does not forget, and this is how mary’s garden grows, and his is how mary has her ghosts, there is no going back, this wasn’t meant to last, through the secret places of the heart, it will help you sleep at night, wonderful, you’re wonderful, as wonderful as they come, and i can’t help but feel attached to the feelings i can’t even match, with my face pressed up to the glass, and all along, we knew we’d carry on, my life has been empty, my life has been untrue...

—Billy Corgan



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